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Lefkada; Chosen by the rich, and the cultured with Scorpio a Resort for the Super-Rich,

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Lefkada Tours

Lefkada Tours Greece is a boutique travel agency focusing on private tours in Lefkada. Our hand-picked team of fun, knowledgeable & professional drivers and guides are ready to match your requirements and expectations for a Lefkada experience you’ll never forget!

4-Hour Highlights of Lefkada

4-Hour Highlights of Lefkada

You haven’t really seen Lefkada until you’ve seen the island through our 4-Hours Highlights of Lefkada private tour! Be it on land or sea, walking, or adventure cruising – Lefkada will have you in the palm of its hand.

Lefkada Greece

The Best Of Lefkada 10H Private Tour

The Best Of Lefkada tour is the perfect opportunity for sightseeing during your holidays on Lefkada. A wide range of trips and a diversified program is a great way to enjoy your vacation. The glittering Ionian coast, charming cobblestone towns, and thriving food and wine.

Lefkada Tours Greece And Transfers

Lefkada Town And North-West Coast 7H Tour

Lefkada is a veritable treasure trove of some of the most beautiful locales and landscapes in the Ionian sea. A trip here means you can experience not only historic places, but you can travel the scenic Ionian coast.

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Transfer Services in Lefkada

We are offering premium Lefkada taxi transfer services with a fleet of luxury cars. Our premium class transport services are available for Preveza (Aktion) airport transfers, Lefkada port transfers, social events, hourly and daily hire, weddings, and more. With amazing service coming from an experienced, personal private chauffeur, luxury car, and speedy A-to-Z transportation rest assured that you can travel in comfort and style with our private driver service in Lefkada, the surroundings, and the nearby towns.

Lefkada Priority Transportation Services

Lefkada Priority Services

The most sensible and comfortable way to move around Lefkada is to get a fully airconditioned car rental with comfortable leg space and storage. Lefkada Priority Transportation Services guarantees your transport to your destination!…

Lefkada Airport Transfers

Lefkada Airport Taxi Transfers

Great, now you’ve booked your flight to Lefkada. Congratulations! But your travel needs to include the cost of the transfer from the Aktion airport to your hotel too. Whoops. Lefkada in the period between April till the end of October is one of the busiest airports on the planet!

Lefkada Villa Transfer Services

Villa Transfer Taxi Services

Lefkada Villas Transfers Services. With the yacht to Lefkada or arriving at the airport, whatever your desire is, … No problem, we can organize a private transfer to your villa just for you and your friends…

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Alternative Lefkada

Lefkada Christian Tour is your most competitive independent partner for Christian excursions. Enjoy one of our private Christian tours that covers all the main highlights in and around Lefkada. We work together with our clients to create and provide you with spectacular and quality excursions in order to maximize your valuable time in Lefkada and make your experience pleasant and truly unforgettable!

Lefkada Christian Tour 4H

Lefkada Christian Tour 4H

If you have more than a little time in Lefkada choose our most comprehensive experience of the island combined with an extensive visit to the amazing Lefkada monastery and surroundings.

Lefkada By Jeep

Lefkada Jeep Safari

Discover the most intimate and personal Lefkada in this journey through the villages and places that shaped the exciting life of the island. Explore Lefkada’s most unique landscapes of all the Ionian islands, which has been a source of inspiration for internationally well-known artists for their Work…

Lefkada Paragliding Tour

Lefkada Paragliding Tour

Discover the thrill of flying 950 meters above sea level. Paragliding in Lefkada is the most popular activity for tourists in the summer. We work with the care and supervision of professional instructors.

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Greece Tours From Lefkada

Private individual tours in Greece services for our VIP clients on Lefkada island. We have been offering the best of Greece Tours starting from Lefkada since our opening in Lefkada. The island was chosen due to its unique location and the high-quality services it offers. Every year the jet set from all over the world comes to this famous Greek island to enjoy the most important international and luxury [rovate tours.

Lefkada To Parga Island
Lefkada To Parga Island

Parga & Syvota From Lefkada

Take this private tour to Parga, and let its picturesque town, its unbelievable sea fascinate you and combine it with another trip to Syvota, the Greek Paradise.

Ioannina From Lefkada
Ioannina From Lefkada

Ioannina 8 hours Private Tour

Mythical Ioannina 8H Private Tour; Let’s see why should you visit Ioannina! Ioannina is a place of unrivaled beauty, surrounded by unspoiled nature, is the perfect destination.

Meteora, Greece

The Breathtaking Meteora 1 Day Private Tour

Lefkada To Meteora; An excellent private tour incorporating unforgettable scenery and the famous Meteora Monasteries. If you are on holiday in Lefkada a highlight of your stay in Greece will be a visit to the Meteora Monasteries.

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Cruises From Lefkada

Lefkada Cruises; Blithe, pristine simplicity. This is the atmosphere the staff creates onboard their traditional boat cruises. Jump seaside into crystal turquoise waters; Enjoy a pick-nick on the beach with wine, Ouzo, and Greek snacks.

Impeccable Beauty Of Meganisi, Skorpios on a 6½-hour Cruise

Cruises From Lefkada

Lefkada Cruises; Blithe, pristine simplicity. This is the atmosphere the staff creates onboard their traditional boat cruises. The cruise experience is so sublime, it becomes an annual tradition for many who’ve sailed.

Lefkada RIB Cruises

Lefkada RIB Cruises

Cruise the deep crystal clear waters of the Ionian sea and discover the most beautiful beaches of the protected south coast of Lefkada starting from Vasiliki village.

Lefkada Sunset Cruise

Lefkada Sunset Cruise

Discover the crystal-deep blue waters of the Ionian Sea, the unique colors of the world’s famous Lefkadian sunset navigating towards the horizon and watching the breathtaking Sunset. 

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Lefkada, the Pearl of the Ionian islands!

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